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0-5 Shots: HORNS

From the juiced-box and the soundtrack: Fever Ray – If I Had a Heart [Press ‘Play’ for part of a killer soundtrack: Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart] To prove … Continue reading

October 16, 2014 · 1 Comment

0-5 Shots: Maleficent

[AllKHallism: i feel it only fair to point out to those of you new to the Bar None that, while i may be reviewing a child’s film here, there is … Continue reading

May 29, 2014 · 1 Comment

Dregs of the Week: Drunk in an Elevator

From the juiced-box and dedicated to Reese Witherspoon, Zooey Deschanel, Kate Upton and Cara Delevignge… Aerosmith – Love in an Elevator [Press ‘Play’ for “Drunk in an elevator / Throwing … Continue reading

May 12, 2014 · 1 Comment

0-5 Shots Booze Revooze: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Ramblings: A Penthouse Sweet Before ya’ll get your collective panties (and you oughta stop with that, it’s all kinds of not sanitary) about how i’m bullshitting my way through this … Continue reading

March 4, 2014 · Leave a comment

0-5 Shots Booze Revooze: Out of the Furnace (2013)

From the juiced-box and the soundtrack: Pearl Jam – Release [Press ‘Play’ for what the movie was shooting for but missed] Ramblings: Out of the Furnace leaves me cold Final … Continue reading

February 4, 2014 · 4 Comments

Dregs of the Week (January 19, 2014): Golden Glands

Afflecker You know me (and if you don’t there ought to be a law), i’m in it for the laughs. So far be it from me to “out” a drinker … Continue reading

January 20, 2014 · Leave a comment

Dregs of the Week (January 12, 2014): Golden Globules

January 12, 2014 And the sinner is… My favorite reality show is now awards ceremonies. OK, i’m not 100% convinced that awards ceremonies qualify because they’re more real than reality … Continue reading

January 16, 2014 · 1 Comment

Dregs of the Week: Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez: Full Court Press

Here’s my New Year’s resolution, for more shit like this to happen. For hot bi girls to get mega drunk and make out with top models in public. My New … Continue reading

January 14, 2014 · 1 Comment

Booze Revooze: Machete Kills

From the juiced-box and the soundtrack: Tito Tarantula – Machete Main Title Theme [Press ‘Play’ to spice up this review] Don’t you hate it when a new post comes out on … Continue reading

October 10, 2013 · 4 Comments

Booze Revooze: Runner Runner

From the juiced-box and the soundtrack: Control Machete – Si Señor [Press ‘Play’ for some of that Mexican moderno salto (“hip hop” in Spanish, hermano] Ramblings: Medium Stakes Final Proof: 2 ½ … Continue reading

October 6, 2013 · Leave a comment

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