Booze Nooze: Drunk Driver Sleeps It Off on Police Post Lawn


Ok, i made up that last bit about the commendation…

A Smoke

Here’s the guy’s mugshot. Love how you can still see chunks on his chin.

Todd Olin Mug Shot

But Seriously, Folks…

This always happens to me…

i start off writing a scathingly witty post about a guy who makes me feel better about myself for not being him, and then i make the mistake of researching the story. Never fails, the more i learn about the individual, the more compassion i feel for him.

Here’s The Rest of the Story (culled from this page)…

The guy’s seven dwi arrests span 23 years, beginning in ’86.

He’s married and a father of two.

He has a job and is respected by his employees. One of them commented, “We’re not doing good at all. Todd’s one of the most intelligent, thoughtful people I’ve met and worked with in my 30 years as a civil engineer. Unfortunately, he has an alcohol problem. It’s not anything we see here at work, but everybody was aware of his past. The part of him that I see is always professional.”

In the ‘Comments’ section of the Grand Rapids link i posted above, someone wrote:

This man most definitely has friends, I have been one of them for many years. He is intelligent and successful despite many obstacles. For two years I was his business partner and wouldn’t have chosen another person to go into business with. I had the utmost faith in his professional abilities despite my knowledge of his past. Together we started the company, he made it a successful and lucrative business. It is truly unfortunate that he has a DISEASE called alcoholism.

I feel for his family. They are truly good people….

This is, as I said a disease, and drinking is not something he does for fun, but to feed an addiction. He has a chemical imbalance in his brain which haunts him every day of his life with a need to drink. His family and friends gave him as much support as they possibly could, but alcoholism is like the monster in the closet. It wants to come out and it is a lifelong struggle to keep it at bay.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not trying to excuse the guy.  We (mal)functioning alcoholics have choices to make, just like the rest of you, and getting behind the wheel after a binge is the worst decision a drinker could make. Alcoholism is a disease, drunk driving isn’t.

i just wanted to point out what a wuss i am, feeling for these people i’m s’posed to be mocking.

A Smoke

Currently Drinking: Coffee, actually, though i may go out and get something later today. UPDATE (4:15pm): Made the move and am drinking Yin-Yang. [Check out description here at Drinks AlKHall-bum.]

8Hangover Forecast: i have no idea what this picture is supposed to represent, which is exactly why i chose it. Everything hangs on if i decide to buy something and what i choose should i choose to go to the store.

3 thoughts on “Booze Nooze: Drunk Driver Sleeps It Off on Police Post Lawn

  1. “i just wanted to point out what a wuss i am, feeling for these people i’m s’posed to be mocking.”

    If you were only the mocker and not the compassionate person you are, I would not be with you. I could not be with you. I would leave. It is just this compassionate side that shows what balance and heart you possess, and is why I relate and am so touched by the comments left at the original post of this story by the friend of the arrested man.

    It is this compassion that sets you apart from other people, alcoholic or not. And this is most definitely not co-dependency talking here. Some, I can imagine, like certain drug and/or alcohol counselors who shall remain unnamed would disagree. But then as a dear and mutual friend of mine wrote recently in a personal correspondence:

    “Don’t be so hard on yourself. If you were with “Al” because you thought you could fix him, or because you were settling for something, I’d agree. However, we both know that this is not true, and instead, I feel anyway like you were both put into each other’s lives like Vonnegut’s karass– to propel each other into some divine goal. I know for a fact that he has helped you grow, as you have helped him. True, no?”

    True. No matter what others may say, I stand by this understanding.

    It’s why I am glad you are doing this again. I think it is a work in the process of self-discovery that is part of coming back to your creative heart and soul, and I support it 100%.

    Keep up the posting.

    BTW, “Everything hangs on if i decide to buy something and what i choose should i choose to go to the store.” I am SO glad you did not go back to the guy who rips you off so regularly when you’ve been drinking!! Grrrrr. That dude pisses me off. Thank you for at least not going back there…..

    • Thanks for the sweet comments, Miss Demeanor.

      i was also glad to hear you voice support for this blog. It is a learning process, but sometimes i feel it comes between us more than anything else. It’s something that motivates me, however, and i haven’t been so motivated to get something down ‘on paper’ in a long time.

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