On The Lam

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Just so’s ya know, Miss Demeanor and i will be on the lam from the man for most of August.

i’ll be hiding out in my own personal Camp David (as in ‘Hasselhoff‘), an isolated retreat in the State of Inebriation, preparing my campaign strategy for International Functional Alcoholic Slurperson (FASe).

i’ll be able to re-enter this country on the 28th of August, so look for a new post then.

Until then, i’m leaving you guys the keys to the Bar None. Stay as long as you like and feel free to poke around whatever drawers you want (by that i  mean, exploring the links, especially those from last month where you’ve got like 15 differently hilarious posts to read, plus the Tag Clouded Vision and Categorical Drinker widgets which are right over there ———-> in the column next to this post, not to mention the Al’s YouTube link or the variety of pages waiting patiently in tabs at the top of this column…).

You’ll here from me 8/28–mark your diary-as.

A SmokeCurrently Drinking: Water / Coke Zero. i have to prepare my flight off the radar. Hey, that makes two dry days in a row!

Clear SunnyHangover Forecast: Clear & Sunny for tomorrow. But don’t worry, it’ll get a lot stormier when i get  to where i’m gettin’ at. Oh the stories i’ll share and the photos i’ll show… Stay tuned!