Mug Shot of the Week: Jason Wahler

Mug Shot Jason Wahler

Who Is He?

Some guy from some MTV reality show called Laguna Beach who is unknown enough to fail entrance exams to small clubs. He doesn’t even merit his own Wiki entry so i’m not sure he really exists.

What Happened?

An already wasted Wahler got shut down by bouncers at the door to the Ocean Avenue Brewery in Laguna Beach at the beginning of August. Smart enough to plan ahead and get his buzz on before bar bouncing, Wahler was also wily enough to slip past the door guard twice–he was spewed out both times. He had a violent reaction the second time and police were called in.

Why He Deserves a Mug Shot

The wannabe wannabe (’cause he’s such a minor personality he wants to be a wannabe) was charged with public intoxication and battery. Why battery? Because not only did he throw a punch at the arresting officer, he also threw both his shoes into the bar–and no Bush was even in it!

To make sure he got a Mug Shot of the Week, he got busted with only 11 probation days left on a previous drinking arrest. (It seems he went down for criminal trespassing, assault and…and… wait for it…here it comes underage drinking in April 2007 when he brawled with some guy on the lobby floor of the Western Marriot. This time he punched a security guard in the mouth and police found him passed out in the third floor hallway. Not wanting to leave anyone out, he hurled racist insults at the arresting officer.)

Still, let any among us without drinking sins cast the first shoe.


Red WineCurrently Drinking: Merlot.

17Hangover Forecast: Cloudy with big chances of rain. i just got back from a booze run (a bottle of red, a bottle of white, a 40 of tequila beer and a Smirnoff Ice for hangover remedy tomorrow).

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