Mug Shot of the Week: Joyce DeWitt

Mug Shot Joyce DeWittWho is She?

Joyce DeWitt was Janet in Three’s Company.

Joyce is the Brunette

Joyce Looks Drunk Already

What Happened?

Joyce got pulled over by cops in El Segundo, Cali on Independence Day this year and blew a 0.15 (which, while nearly twice the legal limit, is nowhere near the 0.72 my opponent Wanda Woman blew).

Last Wednesday (Sept 2nd) Joyce was charged with one count of driving under the influence and one count of driving with a Blood Alcohol Content of over .08. No charges were levied concerning the fact that every episode of Three’s Company was based on a misunderstanding and that there was never a threesome with Janet, Jack and Chrissy even though they all lived together in the same freakin’ apartment.

Why She Deserves A Mug Shot

Babes! It’s Janet from Three’s Company!

A Smoke

Currently Drinking: Water. It’ll be a dry day after yesterday’s  bottle of wine at lunch and six pack (or more, i lost track) of Heineken at a company cocktail party.

56Hangover Forecast: Sunny. Good thing, the kids are coming over later tonight.

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