How i Was Spent My Summer Vacation: Days 4 & 5

Day 4

Day 04 Collage

Grabbed a lot of Lite Bush today. My strategy for most of the get-away was to drink light beer all day because it’s self recycling. At the rate of one an hour (hey, the fridge was a long way away from my hangout and laziness won out over alcoholism) Light Beer is high self maintenance: after a couple / three, i start to piss it all away.

As the day wore on and on me, i made a pit stop in Manhattan (not pictured) before I once again resorted to whining.

Cold Bush

Cold Bush

A Wine with a View

A Wine with a View

Drink Log

  • 4 Busch Lights
  • 1 Manhattan
  • 5 glasses of Merlot

Day 5

Day 05 Collage

i Got A Lot Of Bush Today

i Got A Lot Of Bush Today

i Whined Red

i Whined Red

Then i Dryly Whined White

Then i Dryly Whined White

Drink Log

  • 6 Busch Lights
  • 3 glasses Merlot
  • 2 glasses ‘Dry White’

Booze Revooze: A Drinker’s Skewed Reviews of Movies–Ratings Guide

This is a short companion (like Tattoo in Fantasy Island) to my Booze Revooze.

Rating System

The first thing you’ll notice is that, rather than stars, i’ve chosen to assign ‘shots’ to the films.

Here’s what that means in real life:

5 Shots (Killer)

4 Shots (Strong Stuff)

3 Shots (Sweet)

2 Shots (Weak)

1 Shot (Piss)

Half shots are also available.



A brief review of the film in general. It’ll also contain the Final Proof (my overall rating). No Buzz Kills will be included in this section.

Buzz Kills

Spoilers. Here i’ll review the film according to specific criteria: Sex, Drinks, and Rock & Roll. Each subsection will get an individual proof rating.

Sex: Comments about sex / nudity / hotties in my nutshell.

Drinks: Comments about drinkers / drinking / alcohol in the film.

Rock & Roll: Not just the music to the movie, but the whole ‘rock and roll attitude’ of the thing.

Slurred Speeches

Quotes from the film that relate directly to alcohol and drinking.

Bottom Line

The final verdict: See It or Don’t See It.