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Red letter day in the Bar None…

While i’ve had hundreds of patrons-and not all of them were my mom–after only a scant 34 posts, no one has dared show their face. Until yesterday. Donald Mills, author of the very funny The Trouble With Young People Today Is… (check it out!), was the first newcomer to step out of the shadows and up to the bar by leaving a comment.

While the shots served here in the Bar None may not be exactly to his taste, i am making Mr Mills an honorary member of D.R.I.N.K.E.R. (Drunks Really Involved, Now Known as Exiles Reunited). Of course, he can become a full-fledged member on request.

Thank you for patronizing me, you Crabby Old Fart, and if you had a good time, invite a friend.