Mug Shot of the Week: Kanye West, Taylor Swift & Hennessy

Can-ya Kanye?

Can-ya Kanye?

Sunday’s MTV Music Video Awards was a ceremony that will live in famy (ok, smart ass, what’s the opposite of ‘infamy’ then?) for drinkers everywhere. Kanye threw himself up on the stage right in the middle of cute little kitten Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video, took the microphone out of her hand and told Taylor-Maid, the audience and the entire free freakin’ world, “I’m really happy for you…but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.”

Here’s the little chick Kanye squashed under his boots in all her 19 year old splendor:

i've got...

i've got... fingers crossed... fingers crossed...

...for a Maxim spread.

...for a Maxim spread.

Kanye’s moment was brought to the world by Hennessy VS, primo Irish/French cognac. Hennessy VS, for Very Special. Or, as regards Kanye: Very Special Education. Hennessy VS as in Hennessy VS Kanye West. Guess who won? Hennessy did but that didn’t stop Kanye from storming the stage and bitching like a little girl.

The Culprit--Still Wanted

The Culprit--Still Wanted

Here are the photos that break down the breakdown. Notice any constant in the photo that’s not a trashy she-ho (aka Amber Rose, which apparently grows wild in trailer parks)?



Kanye & Hennessy03

Kanye Swigging Hennessy01

Kanye Swigging Hennessy02

Kanye Swigging Hennessy03

The explanation for the train wreck? i got it here for you, babes. Look at the picture of the incident…

Kanye & Taylor

The troubled hippity-hop singer obviously finished off his fifth and mistook the microphone for another bottle. He ran on stage for a hit, only to discover his mistakes. He covered up for it as best he could, but still.

Yes, a moment of famy for alkies worldwide. If Can-ya? West can spill out of the closet and make such an ass of himself on international TV, you and i are totally free to broadcast our drunkenness however we see fit (like starting a blog about drinking).

i’m hereby making ‘Can-ya?’ an honorary D.R.I.N.K.E.R. (Drunks Really Involved, Now Known as Exiles Reunited). As with all honoraries, to be a full to the rim member he need simply ask.

Besides, you ask me, Taylor-Maid should apologize to Can-ya. It’s always the hot girl’s fault. Trust me, i know these things.

[As proof, i offer up more Taylor-Maid pics for your consumption. What can i say? It’s kinda like drinking—once i get started I can’t seem to stop.]

Taylor Swift01

Taylor Swift06

Taylor Swift07

Taylor Swift07

2 thoughts on “Mug Shot of the Week: Kanye West, Taylor Swift & Hennessy

  1. Taylor is so purdy!!! Ahhhhh, to be 19 again. As I often do, I am doing the math on this one, astounded that I am of an age where I could be her mother……. *sigh*

    Can-ya Ou-est sa tête (?) is not just a D.R.I.N.K.E.R. he is a D.R.I.N.K.E.R.: a Dumbass Really Impaired (so tempted here to use the n word but I just don’t feel right about that…) Nihilistic Kooky Egotistical Retard!

    I really liked Kelly Ckarkson’s blog post about him here at WordPress which you showed to me last night:

    Kelly has it right…

    I thought Kanye was all about making changes after he got so dissed on “South Park” a couple of months ago! Whattup with that? Must be the Hennessy that has him by the heart, soul, and balls.

    Thank you for the humorous look at this current event. Seems like you are finding more and more fodder for this blog just leaping into your lap, eh?

    • Taylor-Maid may be a little purdy around the edges, but she could never hold a candle to you, babe.

      i liked your acronym! If you have any other ideas concerning my original one, be sure to let me know!

      As for the changes…the best intentions and most resolute resolutions often are washed by the wayside when the alcohol flows. Knowing me, you should know that!

      Yes, there seems to be no shortage of people willing to do idiotic things while drunk to fuel the flames of this blog. More stories than time, in fact, but there’s drinking to be done.

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