Booze Nooze: Frenchie, 19, Sleeps While Train Runs Over Him

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TGVOk, i’ve passed out before–who hasn’t?–but never on train tracks. i’m thinking there should be Darwin Awards for Drunks.  Ten bucks if you can come up with a good name for this.

3 thoughts on “Booze Nooze: Frenchie, 19, Sleeps While Train Runs Over Him

  1. I think that guy deserves the “Keith Floyd Award For Outstanding Contribution To Drunken Sleeping”
    He also probably deserves to have been cut in half by the train!

    • Welcome Conan the Troutman,

      Great idea for the award, especially the Kieth Floyd one!

      Hard to believe that i, Al K Hall, Functional Alcoholic Slurperson, didn’t even know who Floyd was! A cooking show host who “was noted for his haphazard presenting style which included frequent consumption of wine, beer and local alcoholic beverages.” !?! [Got this from the Wiki site: Now we’re cookin’.

      Thanks for patronizing the Bar None, man. If you had fun, next time invite a friend…


  2. Sometimes I wish there were follow-up stories where we can get info on the folks in the news a few days later… Like, I wonder how the 19 year old reacted when he found out what happened (I’m assuming he was too blitzed to remember/be aware of what happened). I love the way you wrote about the surprise comment from one of the cops — tee hee!! 🙂

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