Tips & Change: How To Spot An Intervention

In my continuing quest as the D-Generation’s (Drinking Generation) Functional Alcoholic Slurperson… To better your lives and put the ‘Functional’ back in front of ‘Alcoholic’, i submit the following public disservice announcement.

Al Goes Straight

Al Goes Straight

Ten Telltale Signs Your High Is Gonna Be Jacked

  1. There are tons of cars parked at your house and there’s no sign of a keg.
  2. The jacket you get for your birthday has too many buckles, and sleeves that hang to the floor.
  3. Bouncers are standing at the exits and you’re at home.
  4. Coworkers suggest you holiday in the same ‘club’ as David Hasselhoff or Lindsay Lohan.
  5. You suspect every drink you’re getting is a virgin Rum & Coke.
  6. There isn’t any fur on the handcuffs your girlfriend is holding.
  7. You don’t remember buying the station wagon in the drive, especially not one with a siren and the word ‘clinic’ written on it.
  8. You wouldn’t have invited anyone filling your living room to a binge.
  9. The bars in your hotel are in the windows, not the lounge.
  10. Remember: The words “We need to talk” have never been followed by good news.

One thought on “Tips & Change: How To Spot An Intervention

  1. LOL. How about these:

    You enter your living room to see all of your friends and family gathered around, but it is nowhere near time for your birthday, no one shouts, “Surprise!” and there are no balloons nor cake.

    You see a van with “A&E” on the side of it, and people with cameras poised at various angles. You have the feeling they are not there to include you in anything artistic nor entertaining.
    OMG, when did A&E turn into such a scary reality show mecca, eh? Jeebus, it is nothing but reality trash on what used to be the cable PBS, you know?

    There is some entertaining stuff on YouTube about this; just by putting in “Interventions” a whole bunch of the A&E series/epis are there: — one story about a former White House intern with a drug problem. I wanna see if there are ones about drinking, too.

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