Famous People Know Me: An Open Letter To Gabrielle Chapin

From the Juice-Box, for Gabrielle Chapin:

Gabrielle Chapin

A Picture BY (not OF) Gabrielle Chapin. (c) G.ChapinStudios

Gabrielle Chapin

A Picture BY (not OF) Gabrielle Chapin. (c) G.ChapinStudios

Gabrielle Chapin

Celebrities read my blog!

Last month i posted this review of The Final Destination (4), and in it i wrote about Gabrielle Chapin, an up and coming actress whose bits have a part in the film.

Here’s what i had to say about Ms Chapin:

On top of that, literally, there’s the token titty scene of a girl with her large-ish rack (here’s where you want 3D) bouncing on a guy, cowgirl style. What’s cool is, not only does the actress (Gabrielle Chapin) have to hide from her friends and family that she was in FD4, she also has to deny being credited ‘Girl On Top’. (i kid you not, check out imdb if you don’t believe me.)

Guess what–yesterday i received a comment from Ms Chapin herself! You can check it out at the bottom of the post, or you can read it here:

Dear Blogger –
Your claims as to my “hiding” from friends and family that I played a role in FD4 are inaccurate and I would greatly appreciate it if you would remove that from your blog. Also, never have I denied that I was credited “Girl On Top”, as this credit allows people to properly identify who plays that character. Thanks for the extra publicity, despite it being incorrect. I do appreciate you telling everyone that the “large-ish” rack is why they want 3D glasses, lol…it is quite an experience to see.

Gabrielle Chapin

i would now like to address Ms Chapin personally.

welcome mat

Gabrielle [can i call you Gabrielle?],

Let me begin by welcoming you to The Bar None. It is an honor to to be graced by the presence of such an attractive and sincere young lady and you do more for the decoration of this place than even the Velvet Elvis poster over the Juice-Box. Your visit makes you an honorary member of D.R.I.N.K.E.R. and full membership is available on request.

i’d also like to thank you for taking the time to write me concerning my review of The Final Destination (4) and for being so polite when bringing to my attention the issues you had with my review. It would have been easy to rant on and on about how callous i can be, and the reserve you demonstrated indicates a lot of class on your part.

i’m touched you called me ‘Dear’ but next time you drop in, please feel free to call Me “Al”. “Blogger” sounds so distant, y’know?

As per your request, i have edited my original post to read “The actress (Gabrielle Chapin) is so much better than the rest of the movie and is credited as ‘Girl On Top’. (i kid you not, check out imdb if you don’t believe me.) Someone of her natural charm deserves a more appropriate description; i’m thinking “Sweet & Sexy Girl On Top” or “Charming and Talented Girl On Top”.”

i hope you didn’t misunderstand my original intention, however. When i said you had to hide the fact that you were in FD4, i meant that 1) the movie wasn’t very good despite your dazzling appearance, and 2) being known as ‘Girl On Top’ isn’t terribly flattering. What i’d written was also tongue in cheek. i didn’t mean to denigrate you or to imply you had a reason to be ashamed. My apologies for not being clearer about that in the first draft.

i was glad to learn you weren’t offended by my comment about your “large-ish’ rack”. The remark could have been interpreted as sexist, so i’d like you to know i have changed that as well. It now reads, “a girl with the large rack”. 😉

You are also more than welcome concerning the extra publicity. As you see, i have included pictures of you here to help spread the word. Please feel free to send any other pictures you have that you would like published on the net, i’d be more than happy to help in any way i could.

In closing, i wish you the best of luck in your acting career and your photographic aspirations. You are a very talented young lady and it’s been a pleasure communicating with you.


Al K Hall

Click here to read my exclusive interview (with photos) of Gabrielle Chapin.

7 thoughts on “Famous People Know Me: An Open Letter To Gabrielle Chapin

  1. Al –
    I am pleased to read your polite, professional response. It eases my mind to know that the internet is not entirely polluted with D-bags. However, unfortunately…those photographs are not all of me…the top two are images that I myself took of others. Feel free to them so long as you properly credit G.Chapin Studios as the creator. I do appreciate your sense of humor, we could all use more of it. Keep up the good work.


    PS: I like my underwear also.

    • Dear Gabrielle,

      Cheers indeed!

      Sorry (once more!) about the (latest–lol) misunderstanding. i’ve correctly labeled the photos and linked them to your MySpace page. Thanks for the props, babe!

      Al K Hall

  2. “i would now like to address Ms Chapin personally.” Uhhhhh, do you mean UN-dress? LOL. 😀

    I just have to point out that *I* was the one who saw the part that Gabrielle in the movie. The name of the role cracked me up. I just wanted to mention that so I get my 30 seconds of fame in all of this, too, hahaha. Withouht me noticing it and commenting as such to Al, he would not have had this angle from which to blog. So, I’m asking for my share of the credit, too, eh. 🙂

    I am so pleased that Gabrielle took the time to visit the blog and comment on it!! Just so cool! I mean, with my blogs I am lucky if my own friends and family come to read them, much less anyone about whom I write, so I am so happy for the Bar None that there has been a genuine celebrity to visit. Yay Al!

    Gabrielle, the photography is very cool. It takes a lot to get a good image as represented by what Al posted here. Photography is just a hobby for me, but I do know a little of what it takes to get a good shot and that’s great work! 🙂

  3. P.S. I have typos, too, LOL. It is a continuing peeve of mine that WordPress does not allow editing of comments, and I pretty much have to write so on every post I put here!! Grrrrrrr.

  4. I feel so close to Gabrielle Chapin now – – I could almost reach out and blog her too? Except I do not blog – so the closest that I could ever get to her is to respond to a response to and from Ms. Chapin, as I drool on about my suffering ways.

    I must also admit that I am now officially in love again – with her mind. Beautiful and with a true sense of humor — and a rack to match? OMG!
    What incredible talents. Actually I am blinded by the light off her flatt ass stomach, and pubic area…exposed …below the belt line. But I digress.

    What started out as a compliment to one beautiful, extraordinary lady – I want to conclude by thanking you all for this forum, and enabling me my humble expressions of compliments to Gabrielle Chapin!

    Bob VL
    Dayton, OH
    (I might as well be on the moon…)

    • Bob!

      Welcome to The Bar None, brother! Come on in, make yourself at home, put your feet up on the table and what can i bring you to drink?

      Glad you ‘preciated the interview. She truly is a very cool girl, mentally and physically, as you so ardently expressed. Thanks for the props, man!

      Thanks for patronizing me, brother. If you had fun, bring a friend next time,

      Al K Hall

      PS i spent a couple years in Dayton a few lives ago. It was on the moon back then, too.

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