Booze Nooze: Death of a Statesman

From the Bar None’s Juice-box, in tribute to Mr Shoichi Nakagawa:

Another Dead Soldier

Another Dead Soldier

A Smoke

If you want to see the YouTube video of the infamous Valentine’s Day massacre, click on the image.

YouTube Screen Shot

i ran out of room in the above article, but i wanted to mention, in passing out, the following stats about Nakagawa.

  • In 2000, after winning an election, Shoichi was famously unable to draw an eye on a daruma doll to signify a wish come true.
  • In 2006, news footage showed him stumbling out of a government car, weaving into a building and tearing off his tie with his face a deep Johnny Walker red.
  • In October 2008, he showed up fifteen minutes late to a morning news conference and was so vague about his plans to stabilize the economy that the stock market fell to its lowest point in nineteen years.
  • After the February G7 binge, former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori told Japanese TV that he’d already had a heart to heart with his bro’ about the booze. “Since he really loves to drink, I advised him once to be careful about drinking.”

Sage advice indeed. Pro’lly loses something in the translation.

A Smoke

i’m speaking to you now as the FASe of the D-Generation.

This post is about shame.

We’ve all done something we’re ashamed of when we were drunk and if more of y’all commented here i’d share a story or two of my own past debaucheries. i’ll end up doing it anyway, sometime, but let’s just agree that we’re all in the same boat. We’ve all screwed the pooch at one time, some of you even literally.

Some news sources are claiming that an empty bottle of sleeping pills was found on the bed beside Shoichi. There was no note but no sign of foul play either. Signs seem to point to suicide over the loss of the recent election and the loss of face concerning the G7 fiasco. We all know how well the Japanese deal with all kinds of loss and Loss of Face especially.

My fellow alcoholics, patrons of the Bar None, members of D.R.I.N.K.E.R. and players in the D-Generation, we cannot let ourselves Turn Japanese in this respect. Life only goes one way, people, and we can’t go back. Even teetotalers make mistakes, for god’s sake. They have to live up to theirs just as we have to accept and get over ours.

We cannot choose our past, babes, but we can sure as shit choose our future.

2 thoughts on “Booze Nooze: Death of a Statesman

  1. well, sorry about not leaving comments before, but I’m a little slow and just learned where the comment button was. I’ll be sure and sling more barbs in the future (cuz I’m too lazy to retro-harang)

  2. Awww, that video was pretty sad. The whole thing is pretty sad… Yeah, life only goes one way. So there are TWO comments now, which means you have to tell at least one pooch screwing story, eh? 😉

    I love you, Al.

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