Why Nobels Chose Obama

Photographic evidence of the key moment that swayed the Nobel people to award Obama 2009’s Peace Prize:

Beer Summit

From the Juice-box

July 30, 2009, Obama invites Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and the cop that arrested him, Police Sergeant James Crowley, to drown their differences in a mug ‘o’ beer. (For those of you who keep track of this kind of crap: Obama had a Bud Light, Gates had Sam Adams Light and Crowley had a Blue Moon. VP Joe Biden, who also attended, had a Bucklers, a non-alcoholic drink because he sucks–uh, i mean, ‘doesn’t drink’.)

Beer Summit

Beer Summit

This was the pivotal moment which gave Obama the extra push he needed with the Nobels to bag the Peace Prize. Let’s face it, there were a record 205 nominees this year and whatever powers that beer decide this kind of thing needed something to separate the wheat from the barley. (While the official list of nominees remains secret for 50 freakin’ years, another canidate was French President Nicolas Sarkozy–musta been a slow year for peace. Btw, the nominations were submitted in February but the decision was made in October, so the buzz of the Beer Summit took place way before last call.)

The Peace Prize was also an investment in the future. Here is an artists rendition of the kind of thing the Nobels are expecting of the American President:



Sure, Bin Laden [should i be freaked out that spell check doesn’t recognize ‘Obama’ but has no problem with ‘Bin Laden’?] doesn’t normally drink, something about its being against his religion, but i’m sure he’d be willing to make an exception if it was Blue Moon and for world peace.

[Almost forgot! A drink to Ken for bringing this bit of detente to my attention!]

4 thoughts on “Why Nobels Chose Obama

  1. Thought you might like this, Its Al Murray The Pub Landlord.

    not at all obama related but definetly booze related!
    Its a British Thing LOL

    • Conan The Troutman!

      Good to see you back here, my brother. Thanks for the link. “Landlord Academy” indeed. If i only had a drink for every time i was tossed out of there, but then that was part of the problem to begin with. Never could stomach those other tossers at Pub Tech, either.

      “After seven years, you pull your first pint and they call you Guv’nor.”

      Brings a tear to my eyes, it does.

      Thanks for patronizing the Bar None, man. If you had a good time, bring a friend…

      Al K Hall

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