Dregs of the Week: Oct 04 – 11, 2009

Vineyard Warming

Bottoms Way Up

Oct 3: Photographer Spencer Tunick took pictures of naked people in a French vineyard to highlight global warming. If he really thinks the world is too hot, he shouldn’t have used bare ass naked people. He shoulda taken pictures of the old people from Cocoon playing cribbage. If you wanna see boobs in groups, Google “Spencer Tunick Images”.

Oct 6: The poor Australians have to drink a case (24) of beers a day at the Bathurst 1000. i say ‘poor’ because they want to drink more, lots more, but the law won’t let them.

29 Sept: It was in last week’s paper so i only just saw this. A French guy drank 7.5 liters (15 half-liter bottles) of beer before he got on the tourist bus–as the driver. Why did the cops pull him over? Was he swerving? Weaving? Speeding? Nope, he was on his cell phone. Bet it was for phone sex.

Oct 9: Police arrested a 63-year-old North Carolina man because he had 929 gallons of moonshine buried under his shed. i’m holding my breath for a fire sale.

3 thoughts on “Dregs of the Week: Oct 04 – 11, 2009

  1. ” If you wanna see boobs in groups, Google “Spencer Tunick Images”.” Hahahaha!

    And bush, too. And weenies. Those images got it all…

    Oh the crazy news. What will happen next?

    Oh dear. I just Googled “drinking news of the day” to see what would show up. We have this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1148611/Drinking-just-glass-wine-day-INCREASE-risk-cancer-168–say-French.html

    from earlier this year, this Yahoo group called “24 hour drinking,” http://uk.messages.news.yahoo.com/Domestic/forumview?bn=UKN-DOM-Pub24

    and this site called DrinkFocus.com http://www.drinkfocus.com/

    Hmmmmm. This is their news index: http://www.drinkfocus.com/news/index.php

    Ohhhh, here ya go! http://alcoholism.about.com/cs/news/a/drugnews.htm Lots of newsbits there!

    • Thanks for the site list, babe! A couple of them are excellent and will help me cull stories for Booze Nooze or the Dregs of the Week.

      What a woman!

      [Insert Kissy Face that doesn’t exist on WordPress.]

  2. http://tinyurl.com/yjgt69o

    hahahahaha! Oh, Ozzy. This was interesting: “”That said, by far the most addictive thing I’ve ever put in my body is tobacco,” he insists, handing me a glass of sugar-free, pomegranate iced-tea. “By the end, I was chewing the gum, smoking the fake cigarettes, wearing the patches and smoking 20 a day. I tried cigars, but within a week I was smoking 30 Cohibas a day, and inhaling. Now I don’t do anything any more. I got bored of always being f—-ed up on something or other.””

    I can understand that, lol.

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