i Got Your BAC: Blood Alcohol Content for Dummies (Part 3)

Part 3: Blood Alcohol Content For Dummies

Here are the BAC records and broken ones…

Clocking In At 0.45%

The tragic story of a 16-year-old honor student, Rhona Tavener. This English girl, not normally a drinker, went to a party at a rich kid’s £1 million estate, where they had her start off with sips of friends’ drinks before she downed half a liter of Smirnoff straight. She fell off the hammock, was given CPR by her friends as they took her home and showed up at the hospital in a one-way coma.

The world needs every sweet sixteen we can get, girls. Don’t drink and die.

Clocking In At 0.72%

Yes, nearly twice the death limit. For a long time i thought she was the best BAC ever, and was even a bit intimidated when she was an alternative Can-idate for the FASe Elections.

Terri Comer (AKA Wanda Woman) passed out while driving home and crashed her car in a snow bank–within eyesight of a road sign warning against drunk driving. Man, if i’d made that up people would be all over my ass for not showing enough imagination.

Terri Comer

Terri Comer2

Clocking In At .914%: To Hell And BAC

Almost 1 percent of this guy’s blood was alcohol. Let’s just sit back for a moment and think about that…


So this 67-year-old Bulgarian guy gets bumped by a car and taken to the hospital unconscious. He smelled drunk so the doctors tested him. When they saw the result, they thought their equipment was screwed up. They did five separate lab tests to be sure, and sure enough: 0.914%. ELEVEN TIMES over the legal drinking limit had he been driving.

Some records were meant not to be broken.

Mr Bulgarian Dude, we at the Bar None salute you.

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5 thoughts on “i Got Your BAC: Blood Alcohol Content for Dummies (Part 3)

  1. Welll, the ‘puter is working for the moment… Not sure how long it will last, but wanted to catch up on my reading here.

    I think what I really am curious about is the physiology of how this is all possible. I am really interested in the whole biochemical and metabolic processes at play and how it is possible for one person to die with a .45% BAC and another to live with a .914% BAC. Crazy. I mean, I understand what is going on in broad strokes with this, but I would like to really understand the details.

  2. Please delete the pictures of Rhona. You haven’t got the facts right; you didn’t fucking know her. Please show her some respect in death.

    • Hello Emily,

      First off, it would seem my post offended you and, as you’re someone who apparently knew Rhona, i assure you that was not my attention.

      Second off, even though the pictures of Rhona Tavener that i posted were found on the Internet and can be viewed by anyone who does a Google image search of her name, i’ve decided to remove them as a courtesy to you.

      As for getting the facts wrong, i’m afraid you’re pointing fingers at the wrong person. All of the information i collected was taken from The Mirror UK, The Times UK and The Daily Mail UK websites.

      You’re right, i didn’t know Ms Tavener and apologize if anything i wrote led readers to believe otherwise. I assure you it was entirely unintentional.

      Finally, i don’t think i disrespected her in my post. There was certainly no disrespect intended, in any case. While writing this article, i was very conscious that people who knew her might stumble on it and i made a concentrated effort not to make light of her untimely death. In fact, i’ve been told that the last paragraph of that section was rather poignant.

      Simply put, i find Ms Tavener’s passing a tragedy and hoped to communicate that sentiment in such a way that it might discourage other young women from making the same choices she did.

      Again, no offense was intended.

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

  3. Firstly, thank you so so much for both taking the time to respond, and for taking the pictures down.

    As you could probably tell, I was pretty upset last night when I wrote that – this Wednesdy it will be year since Rhona passed, and it just hit me. Having reread the blog and properly understood the tone of the post, I appreciate that you didn’t intend to be disrespectful at all.

    With regards to the facts, of course you must’ve got them from newspapers, sorry once again. I would still dispute some of them, indeed the Daily Mail edited its article last year after we demanded it, but I understand that’s not your fault. I would add that she was as regular a drinker as any middle class British teenager – say, a few alcopops a night once a week. Her friends that night – this for me is the true tragedy, and the thing that ought to be publicised – didn’t realise she was anything less than tired, when she collapsed, and drove her home. Only on the way did the yrealise she wasn’t breathing, at which point a boy performed CPR in the moving car. She was then taken to hospital by her parents.

    Thank you for you time and courtesy; I definitely wasn’t expecting it.

    • Emily,

      Your anger is certainly understandable under the circumstances and i’m relieved a reread of the post revealed that my intentions were not to dishonor Ms Tavener’s memory. Honestly, i would’ve been saddened to learn that something i’d written could’ve been interpreted as callous, flippant or insensitive concerning such a heartbreaking accident.

      Thank you for taking the time to let me know there were no hard feelings. As difficult as it may be to believe, i really am the kind of guy who feels guilty as hell for hurting someone, even if it was accidentally.

      Be well on this sad anniversary, Emily, and thanks for patronizing me.

      Al K Hall

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