A Post From My Lesbians

My Lesbians’ Message Is After The Photos

Here are my Lipstick Lesbians (i have their permission to post these photos, so i’m goin’ for it):

My First Lesbian


My Lesbians Together

My Lesbians Kissing

My Lesbians Kissing

My Hot Lesbians

A Lesbian Kiss

My Lessbians Kissing Some More

People in AA will NEVER give you this sh*t.

i Al K Hall, your FASe, am going above and beyond what the rest of the world could bring. Look, i could be on the wagon and spending all my time telling you what not to do, but has AA hooked you up with photos of lipstick lesbians kissing? Does being off the wagon mean you can’t get into two HOT lesbians in their 20’s? Does not drinking mean  you’re immune to the idea of young lesbians kissing?

There is a message other than: DON’T DRINK AND BE SAFE. The message is: DRINK AND HAVE FUN.

It is possible, you know.

i now give the floor to my lesbians. [i have not edited their message because they’re cute when they’re buzzed.]


So, this is Dani and Melinda speaking….now that we are all a bit tipsy Al isn’t able to post…but we are! Because we have our American keyboard, not this squirelly French Keyboard.

SO! What to talk about, as Al’s lesbians….hmmmm…we just spent a significant amount of time educating Al […] about what Lesbian sex IS. We tried to teach all the things that any man should know about the lady body[…]. Let’s see, what are some of those tips:

1. Wait til it’s WET! Just do it. Don’t do the lick finger/hand thing, keep playing with the clit and rest of body until you have appropriate wetness. Don’t just dive in.

2. Scissoring exist, yes…but don’t think that Mr. Garison is the epideomy of lesbian sex. There is so much more to lesbian sex than the scissor.

3. The clit is almost MORE important than the vagina. But the whole body and the brain is the most important sex organ! Lots of kissing. Listen to the body, yada yada

4. Fisting shouldn’t really be enacted until you’ve got an older woman, maybe one that’s had a kid. And if you DO decide to do it, start with a finger…go to two, three and four, BUT don’t slam them in. The knuckles are a huge step, take it easy!

So thats the lessons we imparted on Al […]….stay tuned for more Al K Hall’s advice in the future!


Yeah, like i coulda made that up.

10 thoughts on “A Post From My Lesbians

  1. 2 additions, corrections IMHO:

    1. Who you calling old?!?! Fisting can be accomplished on a younger, non-milf… after alcohol and MUCH foreplay. I’m talking hours. Much more than most boys are willing to put in, as far as I know. That’s prolly about the only time you’ll get a finger-toy in the booty either. Just sayin’.

    2. Over-emphasis on the cllit… while it’s important, the area AROUND the clit is even more so. In fact, direct stimulus to the clit should be used quite sparingly. Lest your get your face squeezed by thighs. It happens, and is not entirely unpleasant, but if you are looking for hip-bucking, girl-shrieking orgasmatronics… I recommend the tease, with minimal clit play until it is close to go time.

    All of the above can also be completely wrong- depending on the girl. The best tool in any sex, boy-girl-tranny-ghosts-animals…etc….is your ears and eyes. Pay attention to your partner, and if they want your finger in their bellybutton– you’ll know! 😀

    • Wow, you’d be a great teacher!

      i’d ask you to come over and give me refresher lessons but Miss Demeanor knows more than a thing or two. i’ll just go and ask her.

  2. PPS: I prolly shouldn’t even be commenting, as I’m not, in the strictest sense, lez. You need to open the forum to all LBGTQ…

    and also what did you expect, this IS my favorite topic.

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