10 Sports You Can Do While Drinking (A Top 10 Lips)

1. Bocce Ball

The first boozer sport. Invented by ancient Aztec alkies so they could get their drink on while exercising. Or something.

Bocce drinking

Check Out The Wuss Drinking From A *Glass*

2. Horseshoes

Proof that rednecks are descendant from ancient Aztecs.


Yeah, Like You Needed Proof

3. Bowling

Sure it’s a sport, the men got those developed bellies.


Ball Handlers

4. Darts

Drinking even improves your performance.

Darts Strip

An Extra Challenge? Strip Darts!

5. Golf

The only sport where you can drink and Drive.

golf sexy drunks


6. Fishing

Sometimes all you catch is a buzz.


What Does He Do If He Actually Catches Something?

7. Canoeing / Rafting

Not kayaking, though—there’s no place for a cooler.


Mmmmm, Water Sports

8. Croquet

Yes. It’s a sport. Chuttup!


My Wicket's All Sticky

9. Jarts

The danger factor is an added bonus.


Whoa! Watch The Tip, Babe!

10. Bar Hopping / Pub Crawling

Like you didn’t know this was coming.

Bar Hopping

First You Hop, Then You Crawl

An Al K Hall (Functional Alcoholic Slurperson of the D-Generation) Top Ten List