Booze Nooze: Kuntz Snatched for DWI

From the Juiced-box: The Flaming Lips – Lightning Strikes The Postman

[Just press ‘Play’]

Kuntz newspaper

A Smoke


Mugshot: Richard 'Dick' Leo Kuntz, 65

“Dick Kuntz”. Swear to god. Sometimes these stories fall in my lap. (And what happens in my lap, stays in my lap.)

What i find amazing is that 1) a guy burdened with his name has only been busted twice for DUI and 2) he could get the little postman car 10 miles over the speed limit. He shoulda gotten a freakin’ blue ribbon and pole position.

2 thoughts on “Booze Nooze: Kuntz Snatched for DWI

  1. Ooooo, the Flaming Lips! I like them! Do we have more of their music ’round here? And it is just TOO funny that it is not only a Postman song but also a band with the word “lips” in the name. Heh! Apropos.

    Oh, you are just too funny with the Kuntz thing. A dry week for Booze News, but that is a juicy Kuntz story, dear — so puntastic. I wonder if his wife’s name is “Ima.” Maybe “AnaLeeann”? Hee hee. That last one is stretching a bit…

    I’d be an alcoholic/get DWIs if I were burdened with a name like that, too. Poor guy.

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