The New Beaujolais Is Here! The New Beaujolais Is Here! i’m SOMEBODY…

(First one to guess the reference in the title gets a drink on the house.)

Y’all have probably figured out by now that i’m this great con-a-sewer of everything alcohol. i’m here today to give you my official, Bar None evaluation of this year’s New Beaujolais French wine.

  1. i smelled the bottle cap. It stunk of plastic.
  2. i stuck my nose in the glass and sniffed. It smelled like wine.
  3. i swirled the wine around the glass. It looked like wine.
  4. i sloshed the wine in my mouth and swallowed. It tasted like wine and made my teeth red.

The official Functional Alcoholic Slurperson’s verdict? It was wine.

Apparently, however, the big deal is that it was new wine. Ooohh-la-la! Think about it, have you ever seen a bottle of old wine? Jesus, old wine in my apartment is wine that’s lasted 2 hours after i’ve brought it home.

‘Cause i know how much you care, here’s a picture of my first glass at the 11am coffee break where my clients drank hot chocolate and tea. It’s off my cell phone so don’t expect too much.

The Second Glass Is The Bartender's Who Drank With Me

All’s i’m saying is, anytime the world celebrates alcohol is a great excuse to party…

4 thoughts on “The New Beaujolais Is Here! The New Beaujolais Is Here! i’m SOMEBODY…

  1. “Jesus, old wine in my apartment is wine that’s lasted 2 hours after i’ve brought it home.True, that, lol.

    Is the reference to Sally Field’s Oscar winning speech intro? That’s dating me, lol, and nooooo, I think it is something else, but that is okay, I don’t need a drink anyways.

    I liked the wine label. Thank you for picking the one with the Renoir. You do realize that this is a pretty regional-specific post, don’t you? *chortle*

    Alls I know is, the one glass I tried went down all right, but then my stomach hurt and I feel kinda crappy today. Not hung over per se, just not really “with it” either. It was not really wine worth feeling crappy for, but I do like how we had some wine and conversation together. That rocked. 🙂

    • The Title is a reference to Steve Martin in “The Jerk”. He runs out of is house thumbing through the phone book, looking for his own name and says, “The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here! I’m *somebody*!”

      Al K Hall

  2. no,no,no Beaujolas Day really is a world wide celebrration (Al show her the articles from all over the worrld I posted). I really need to read more about it because, as I understand it, Beaujolas really is a less than spectacular wine so why all the fuss? (but that will be for another day as I’ve a project tomorrow and must sleep (speaking of sleep, check out my dream inspired blog for some ken weirdness))

    • The big fuss all came from a Georges Debouef marketing campaign to sell wine in 1951. The wine is less than spectacular but, like i said, i think any time there’s a party to celebrate booze, i’m all for it.

      And you’re right about its being international. More is sold in Japan than in France, or something like that. Anyway, those of us in Yeman have our share as well.

      Al K Hall

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