A Drunk Post: Tooo Drining To Post

i had 6 glasses of wine at lunch.

i drank 4 Heineken after my 4 pm meeting.

i drank 3 cans of ale during the movie.

i’ve had the rest of my 6-pack of wine at home. (2 mini-bottles)

ok, her’s the drunk part. i promise not to revise anything i’m writing.

The last time i drunk posted, i wrote “f*ck you” and when i reread the post i didn’t know why i wrote it. Honestly, i think it’s because i was pissed off at y’all because no one ever comments except people i know.

C’mo, people. i’m human. It’s not a rpbot who posts, i’m a guy. It’s a real person. Soneone who wants to be liked. How hard is it to say “Thank you”?

Jesus, give a guy a break. Say something. Are you so afraid to say ‘hello’? Just a word!? i’ll ¬†give you 10 bucks if you leave a comment…

i just want to know PEOPLE are reading this…