A Drunk Post: Tooo Drining To Post

i had 6 glasses of wine at lunch.

i drank 4 Heineken after my 4 pm meeting.

i drank 3 cans of ale during the movie.

i’ve had the rest of my 6-pack of wine at home. (2 mini-bottles)

ok, her’s the drunk part. i promise not to revise anything i’m writing.

The last time i drunk posted, i wrote “f*ck you” and when i reread the post i didn’t know why i wrote it. Honestly, i think it’s because i was pissed off at y’all because no one ever comments except people i know.

C’mo, people. i’m human. It’s not a rpbot who posts, i’m a guy. It’s a real person. Soneone who wants to be liked. How hard is it to say “Thank you”?

Jesus, give a guy a break. Say something. Are you so afraid to say ‘hello’? Just a word!? i’ll  give you 10 bucks if you leave a comment…

i just want to know PEOPLE are reading this…

9 thoughts on “A Drunk Post: Tooo Drining To Post

  1. hey whats up man, ive been reading your blog for the past couple of days and plan to continue reading it. its good to know there are other alkies (how the hell am i supposed to spell that?) out there who are intelligent. i really like all your movie reviews, i love how you start off by comparing them to something irreverent or to (more particularly) a drinking experience. im the type who tends to view my drinking as more of an experiment/fun adventure than a bad thing (maybe im still too young?). and also, keep in mind that the majority of your readers are probably…drunks. which means theyre the most unlikely to respond, so dont get discouraged, keep posting! people are reading, and more importantly, liking what they read.
    by the way, impressive drinking during the day. the perfect amount to stay functional and not be sloppy, but to still have that buzz going. then the all out binge at night. story of my life. there are alkies out there who like your blog, and who are also young and highly successful in their careers (im bragging on myself here). i believe im sounding like an arrogant asshole. sorry, i really just wanted to say that i like your blog. keep posting dude.

  2. Hope today is better!!

    I know I already know you, and thusly don’t count. 😛

    But validation must come from within, my friend. (so sayeth the girl who killed her wordpress blog, because NO ONE ever read… not ever her friends. lol)

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