The Day After

Oooh, you know it was a frightening post when you’re afraid to go back and reread it. i’m tempted to just cut my losses and delete it but i posted it and The Diary-a of a Chronicle Drinker is about the bad moments too. So i’ll keep last night’s post up but you can’t make me go back and read it!

A special thanks to the regulars who stepped up to the bar and to Brien, a newby, who let me know i’m not posting in the wind.

To the rest of you, apologies if i offended.

Your normal blog will continue tomorrow as scheduled, mental hangover be damned.

Thanks for Patronizing me,

Al K Hall

4 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. “Thanks for Patronizing me”

    I promise to patronize you but never demean you, even tho’ I am Miss Demeanor. Hee!!

    And I think you should leave the blogs you write when drunk. I hate it when you become remorseful and delete. You did that with one of my most favorite comments ever on a blog one time, and I still resent it. You need to leave those things. They have a kind of truth in them.

    I loved Brian’s comment, too, and I am glad he left one. 🙂 Cool guy for doing that!

    • Ahh, the shame and remorse over the things i do when i’m drunk… If only all of the things were as easy to delete as a blog…

      Al K Hall

  2. Begs a new kinda “morning after” pill, doesn’t it? Too much to drink (is there such a thing?) words or actions that we regret? Just take a “morning after” pill and a cup ‘o joe and we’ll be right as rain again.

    • Brother, i’m ALL about this idea! Why are pharma labs worried about things like cancer and AIDS when they could be working on this!?

      Al K Hall

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