Phone Photo Blog: A Typical Day

Before we get started, here’s a tune from the juiced-box:

Nora Jones covering Willie Nelson’s “I Gotta Get Drunk”:

[Press ‘Play’ to feel the buzz]

Just Typical

As all y’all have been following my Twitter page religiously, you’ve noticed that last Friday’s binge (here’s the blog i posted while buzzing so loud i couldn’t hear myself drink) threw me into a depression hangover tail spin that i’m only now just recovering from. Rather turning into the skid mark, as recommended by 3 out of 4 Drinkers Education Teachers, i’ve decided to hop onto the wagon for a limited bad trip. The goal i’ve set myself is to stay dry until the day after Christmas. Don’t worry, i’ll be boring you to beers with regular updates on my progress/regression (depends what end of the bottle you’re on).

It’s not easy, as anyone who’s tried can tell you. One of the tough things about not imbibing are the constant reminders i come across in a typical day. It’s kinda like the dumped guy who walks around seeing the face of the girl who broke his heart in everything he sees.

Here’s what i mean…

What i See In The Newspaper

How To Snort Wine


On The Street

When One Hour Isn't Enough

A Reminder Of One i Coulda Had

Reminders Of Ones i Coulda Had


[For a definition of ‘Yeawomen’ check out AlKHall-hics: A Glossary]

It's A Well Known Fact Yeawomen Have Nice Butts (i think even Wiki says so)

Yeawomen Are Sexy When They Drink Alone

On Top Of It All Off…

…tonight there was a retirement party for a guy at work and the champagne was all-you-can-drink. i had an orange juice. That i picked the wrong week to go for a couple stops on the wagon is kinda the point of this post. Any and every week is the wrong week.