2 thoughts on “Self-Unemployed Photos

  1. I think I have seen that person in the first photo there. Is that at the one station closest to us that we have to use while the other station is closed?

    One guy I saw in the subway one time reeked so badly of pee it was suffocating. Another had awkwardly swollen toes poking out of holey shoes in a bizarre fashion.

    Oh dearest, I never, ever want to see or know of you like one of these folks. I know they have made their lives in part by choice and in part probably not so much. I just don’t want to think of you like this, ever.

    It is a striking contrast to the beauty that is this city in some places, though; For sure.

  2. Hey now, sometimes I just gotta sit and think about life. You don’t think I’m gonna were my best suit for casual friday do you? And nothing helps me think better than my favorite fruit drink (potato isn’t a fruit?).

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