Photo Du Jour: Leave Your Mark

Translation of Ballantine Ad: LEAVE YOUR MARK / Alcohol Abuse Is Detrimental To Your Health. Consume In Moderation.

i’m so international.

One of my readers somewhere in France sent me this photo, complete with the English translation of the billboard.

Thanks “St Paul-i”!

[Photo added to Photos: Self-Unemployed]

4 thoughts on “Photo Du Jour: Leave Your Mark

  1. It’s a really poignant photo that your, ahem, reader captured, Al darling. I love the irony it it, the sadness of it, the contrast with the ad for a pretty expensive whiskey and this impoverished alcohol abuser. It’s a gem of a find.

    • One of those serendipitous moments, i guess. Everything musta fallen into place for St Paul-i at just the right moment.

      Al K Hall

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