A Famous Person Let Me Interview Her! My EXCLUSIVE ‘Talk’ With Gabrielle Chapin

Don Corbitt photographer, Costume by Natasha Clute

From the juiced-box for Ms Chapin:

The Black Keys – Ain’t Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) (feat. Jim Jones & Mos Def)

Y’all remember when i wrote my very first Booze Revooze? It was for Final Destination 4 and in an extenuating effort to be witty i accidentally stepped on the nimble toes of the best actress in the whole damn thing: Gabrielle Chapin. She wrote a comment (which you can still read at the bottom of the FD4 link above) and i wrote a response (An Open Letter To Gabrielle Chapin) to smooth things over. We finished on good terms.

At the time i wrote those posts (end of September – beginning of October 2009) i was lucky if my humble Diary-a of a Chronicle Drinker got 50 page reads a day. Now, just 2 short months later, i get that every hour. No kidding. An average day in the Bar None sees 1,200-1,300 blog page readers served. This is what’s called ‘blog cred’ (and i know this because i just invented it) and it’s what lets someone like me even think of approaching someone like Gabrielle.

More importantly, in the past few weeks, i’ve been noticing more and more people are finding their way into the Bar None by plugging her name into a search engine and, on top of that, around 10 of you regularly click on the link to her MySpace page: GCHAPINSTUDIOS.

Which led me to think, “Al! You’ve got blog cred now and a lot of your patrons are stopping by her page. Why not hit her up for an interview and make each other famous!” Which i did and she did and so we both will be.

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The Truth About Tiger Woody: Alcohol Is Tiger Woods’ Driving Force

Tiger Woods Responds To My Accusations

From the juiced-box and dedicated to Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s wife, who clawed his face before beating up his car.

[Press ‘Play’ to catch the fever]

i’m not interested in the circumstances that unfolded during or after Tigers’ tigress went on a safari armed with an iron and bagged the bronco he was riding.

In The Rough

i’m only mildly interested in the birdies Woods stroked with his wood.

What really interests me is the Driving Force behind Tiger Would: Booze.

Thanks to hundreds of seconds delving through in-depth research (on TMZ and D-Listed), i’ve learned a couple things:

1) Tiger Woods likes clubs—and not just the kind you golf with. He frequents a place called The Blue Martini: a drink i wouldn’t touch at prices i can’t afford. A waitress who was asked if Tiger had been drinking in the club the night of the accident would only say, “Alcohol was not factor.” This is bar bitch speak for, “He drank titty shots until he was unable to drive anything except his balls.”

The Blue Martini

2) He also spent a lot of time in a place called 23 (yet one more bar bummed i beat them to The Bar None). He spent so much time there they named a freakin’ room after him. Not surprising when he pro’lly paid for the place with his regular $1500 tabs.

Club 23: Named After Their Collective IQs

3) After his wife scratched his face and broke the windows of his car with a wedge, she told police he’d been drinking and popping pills that day.

4) Of the nine Holes Tiger played:

  1. Rachel Uchitel lists her occupation as “Party Hostess” and “Nightclub Manager”
  2. Jaimee Grubbs is a cocktail waitress
  3. Jamie Jungers is a Las Vegas cocktail waitress
  4. Kalika Moquin is a Vegas nightclub promoter
  5. The 5th is a cocktail waitress
  6. Holly Sampson is a porn actress (you’ll have to draw your own conclusions between pornography and booze but you won’t need a lot of dots to do it)
  7. Cori Rist is a Hooters waitress

8 & 9 Holes are a British Presenter and Perkins waitress, so Woods bogied them. Still, with 7 out of 9 directly related to drinking, Woods definitely ends up sub-par, no matter how many free shots he scored.

The one thing that all his mistresses have in common, however, is that they were all way uglier than his wife.

Here’s the proof:

Cori Rist, the Hooters waitress

i Hope This Gift Horse's Hooters Were As Big As Her Gums

Jaimee Grubbs, cocktail waitress

Kalika Moquin, Las Vegas nightclub promoter

Jamie Jungers, cocktail waitress

What's That In Her Right Hand? Ha! Told Ya!

Holly Sampson, Porn Actress

Rachel Uchitel, professional heiress, party hostess, club manager

i Don't Know About You But The Competition Is Getting Stiff

Elin Nordegren Woods, estranged wife

You be the judge…