What’s The Big Secret?

i’ve been working on a new Dregs post for hours, literally, and won’t be anywhere near finished tonight. So it was a bit of serendipity that one of my lurkers came out of the woodwork here at The Bar None and gave me something to post tonight by asking for the password for my previous post: A Famous Person Lets Me Interview Her.

You know me, and if you don’t you should count your blessings. But you know me anyway and i’m not the kind of guy that posts posts and protects them with passwords. So what the hell is up?

i’ve finished an interview with Ms Gabrielle Chapin and we are revising it together. The best way for me to show her the updates is to let her see the post as it will look and the best way to do that is post it. Until she approves the final version, it’ll be our little secret, but once she signs off on it, i’m going public.

Stay tuned…

9 thoughts on “What’s The Big Secret?

  1. I’m still not convinced, but I suppose I’m just more suspicious (or maybe just more willing to admit to it). I’ll be waiting for Al to put his money where his mouth is.

  2. I just figured I wasn’t one of the cool kids no more. *sniff*

    *takes my toys and goes home*

    But seriously. You rock. So does she.

    • Dood Princesse,

      You are the cool kid. Everyone’s simply following you around to see what to do next.

      No, seriously, you rock.

      Al K Hall

    • Yeah, and notice how quiet she’s been since i posted the interview she didn’t believe i’d post… Hmmm…

      (Just teasing, Miss Anne Thrope!)

      Al K Hall

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