Another Famous Person Knows Me!

In honor of today’s famous person, some tunes to read by: Black Label Society – Just Killing Time

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So i was reading through the comments to yesterday’s Very Special Christmas post, “My First Sober Christmas”. Mixed in with the traditionaly astute remarks of my regulars was a little note that stuck out like a pretzel floaty in a pint of beer. Just 2 ominous words posted by a newcomer to the Bar None: “Christmas sux.”

As astute a comment as any, to be sure, but what really put me on my ass was when i clicked on the Just Killing Time nic and was transported to this page here. Turns out the guy isn’t like the rest of us, just surfing around looking for crack, cracks or something that will crack a smile.

Derek Van Arman has actually accomplished something with his life. He published a real book! And we’re not talking self-published here, kids and those who make them, we’re talking Signet, a real book company.

Hopefully, i’ll be able to corner him into an interview, like i did here with Gabrielle Chapin, the hot actress from Final Destination 4.

Thanks for patronizing me, Derek.

[A special shout-out to Miss Demeanor for picking up on this. i kinda blew off the comment (though i did respond with my usual aplomb) because i thought the “Just Killing Time” handle was a synonym for ‘Slacker’. Miss D, however, went the extra click and uncovered the naked truth. Way to go, babe!]

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