10 Toasts For Any Season (A Top 10 Lips)

In honor of this holiday season, i’m here to share with you ten toasts that work for all seasons. There’s a toast below for every situation: serious, casual, outta hand; friendly, romantic, both; for your enemies and your family (and both)… Enjoy and here’s to hoping they come in handy for many beers to come.

1. May there not be enough room on your tombstone for all the life

you’ve lived.

2. A drink to the next round and the savior that buys it.

3. To saving the joy that’s drowning at the bottom of this glass.

4. To friends close enough to be family and family close enough to be friends.

5. A drink to sinners and saints and all those who ain’t.

6. To drunks, warriors and infants: may God worry about them most.

To The Drunks...

...And The Infants

7. A drink to stupid people for making us feel smarter than we are.

8. May tomorrow be a day better than today and may today be very, very good.

9. To nights that are worth living and times that beg forgiving.

10. A drink to the drink we’ll share next.

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