A Christmas Blog

This post is dedicated to the 526 patronizers who have stumbled in here so far today, and to those of you who are already on your way. Thank you so much for taking time, especially on this day, to stop in and say ‘Hey’.

Christmas Tree In The Bar None

Let’s start off with some Christmas Spirits music: John Denver – Please Daddy, Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas

This post is just to let you know i’m here for those of you straggling into The Bar None this Christmas Day.

i’m here for You.

As your tender bartender, i even brought the Proof. Like Santa, i have Christmas Presents for everyone! Unlike Santa, i don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice.

On to the gifts…

First for the drinkers. Here’s a wallpaper for you:


  1. Click on the image
  2. When the image has finished loading, right click on it
  3. Move cursor to “Save image as…”
  4. Click and remember where you’ve saved the image
  5. Go to folder with the image and double click to open it
  6. Go to the opened image and right click again
  7. Move cursor to “Set as desktop background”

For the single handed porn surfers, i have a different wallpaper for you:

Instructions same as above.

If that isn’t your idea of Christmas sexy, what about this? Like i said, no patronizer left behind…

Finally, for those of you who insist on remembering the religious root of the season, i have this for you:

Pissed on Earth, Good Swill For Men!

6 thoughts on “A Christmas Blog

  1. How nice to find you open, i thought I’d have to spend christmas with the jewish families at the chineese food joint down the street again. My brother is working and I’m still concidering a half day myself which means the turkey is going to get started late and be done even later. How about something warm to keep me until then? Maybe a coniac if it’s not too steep?

    • She!

      Welcome back, darlin’. So good to see you back. i’m no cheap drunk…true dat, but only because i don’t drink anymore. Now i’m just cheap. 😉

      Thanks for patronizing me, She,

      Al K Hall

      PS After visiting your beautiful site, i wondered if you’d be interested in checking out my Recovery Blog.

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