For Regulars Only…

…because the rest of you won’t care.

Big news in the Bar None!

From the juiced-box and for the occasion: Maxwell – Suitelady (The Proposal Jam)

Yes, it’s official and it wasn’t even the booze talking.

On Christmas morning, i placed a black pearl ring in Miss Demeanor’s stocking and, when she opened it i asked her to be my wife. After the initial shock wore off, she accepted. No specific date has been set of yet, though we’re hoping to tie that knot sometime in 2010.

Presents and congratulations (but especially presents) can be dropped off here at the Bar None.

11 thoughts on “For Regulars Only…

  1. Best christmas gift eveh!!! Congratulations, it’s about time, I’m so happy for you (and every other cliche that is suddenly so appropriate).

  2. HOLY SHIT!!! The wedding of the century!!

    Now let me know so I can plan my trip accordingly! 🙂

    MUCH love and worlds of luck to both of you!!!!!!!! I love you both so much!!!

  3. Thanks, Princesse!

    Actually, we’ll probably do it in the States, as my sister is licensed to marry people and all. We’ll keep you posted on the deets!

    Much love back!

    Al K Hall

    • YAY! I like Vegas!! Can I wear scantily-clad sequins and be the de-flower girl?

      And if your sister catches the flu, or gets arrested (it IS Vegas) I can marry you too. Ordained minister and all….

      • Babe, you can wear scantily clad anything whenever you want, far as i’m concerned…

        “De-flower” girl! i LOVE it. When you come to the wedding, wherever it is, you HAFTA be the Deflower Girl.

        And why not a tag team ceremony? Makes sense, especially in Vegas! i totally forgot you were ordained, too!

        Much love,

        Al K Hall

  4. Thank you, guys! 🙂

    Personally, I am voting for a Vegas trip. Never been there, and think it would be kinda cool to get hitched by an Elvis impersonator. LOL. While wearing bright red. 😉

    Actually, it would be very cool to have Al’s sis do the honors. I still want my best friend, Miss Anne Thrope, to be there, though. Gotta figure that one out….

    Lots to figure out, in fact, but the part about figuring out I would love to be Mrs. Hall is already finished. Check.

    I love you, Al.

    • i love you too, Miss D.

      Vegas would be cool ‘cept it would be costly with the trip and the hotel and crap. i can see my Sis doin’ it but you’re absolutely right, Miss Anne Thrope (& Shells and Ken!) would HAFTA be there as well.

      You’re right, though, the most important part is already in the bag.

  5. Congratulations Folks! How sweet, what with it being Xmas and all…..
    I like the vegas idea by the way!
    Congratulations again.

  6. Conan the Troutman!

    Wouldn’t be a family gathering if you weren’t here as well, my brother.

    Thanks for stopping by, thanks for your best wishes and, as always, thanks for patronizing me.

    Al K Hall

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