Booze Toonze: Zombieland Soundtrack

WARNING: Non Booze Related Post

If you ‘member, i saw Zombieland in December of 2009 and loved the soundtrack. There’s only one problem with that. Take a look at the soundtrack on Amazon: Zombieland Original Motion Picture [Soundtrack]. You see how most of the songs are under a minute long? That’s because all you get is bits of incidental music.

Well here’s me, you’re tender bartender at The Bar None, serving up the real thing on the juiced-box.

2 thoughts on “Booze Toonze: Zombieland Soundtrack

  1. Hi Bats,

    Good to see you! Glad you enjoyed the tunes (and the film). Hope things are looking up for you in this new year…

    Thanks for patronizing me,

    Al K Hall

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