i Drank From A Magnum


A Magnum


From the juiced-box: Neil Diamond – Red, Red Wine

Yesterday at my favorite restaurant, the chef gave me and my customers a Magnum, which is the equivalent of 2 normal bottles of wine. It’s very practical, fewer trips to the bar…

For the entire table of wine bottle sizes, Wiki has this pretty good link.

8 thoughts on “i Drank From A Magnum

    • Yeah, was trying to figure out how (and why) you’d drink from a gun. I would hope you made a good impression on you client by wiping the mouth off before passing it around.

    • ITSB!

      How great it is to see you here! Thanks for stopping by, brother.

      While i’ve never drunk from a condom—well, alcohol anyway [JUST KIDDING]— it sounds like something an alcoholic should do at least once in their life. Maybe i’ll be able to work that into a short story some time.

      Thanks for patronizing me ;-),

      Al K Hall

  1. You guys know me…it’s all about the writing. If i can find a catchy title, i’ll go with it every time.

    Thanks for patronizing me,

    Al K Hall

  2. So where’s the P.I.?

    Yeah, okay, my comment goes over like a lead weight, I am sure, lol. You all have already outwitted me with this post and comments.

    That looks like a nice place to have lunch! 🙂

  3. Actually, i toyed with the idea of Magnum Permanently Intoxicated, but then i knew i could count on you to go there so i wouldn’t have to. Thanks for having my back, babe!

    Al K Hall

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