How To Kiss

Jaimie Alexander & Matt Dallas Demon-strate A Real Kiss (click on pic to enlarge)

Y’all ever hear of a TV show called Kyle XY? They have this hot brunette in it called Jaimie Alexander (25). Looking up pictures of her on the net, i came across this one. This is the real way to kiss. And the best way to take a shot. The things you can learn from the internet…

13 thoughts on “How To Kiss

  1. Wow! Hot Picture! I ‘came across’ it too.

    Today is Day 69 of my sobriety! A special day for ITSB. And in my own personal recovery program, I’m gonna get a lot more than some stupid chip today, if you know what I mean!


    • Brother!!!!

      Congrats on Erotic Day for your sobriety! And even bigger congrats on your reward! Seriously, it’s so great that you’ve been able to keep it up so long. Good on you!

      Al K Hall

      PS i just realized i’ve naturally assumed you were ‘Brother’. Apologies if i got that wrong!

      • Dude,

        ITSB has to be a Brother, as I don’t think in a bajillion years a Sister would ever write something funny like this:

        “Wow! Hot Picture! I ‘came across’ it too.” Heh!!

  2. Hehehe that looks messy.

    And ITSB~ CONGRATS!!!! Sobriety is an amazing journey and I congratulate you for the steps you’ve taken. You certainly deserve “some.” 😛

  3. Messy is best. If you don’t leave a stain, you did it wrong. Whole hearted congrats to ITSB!! Stay strong man.
    I’ve heard of the show and was curious, but there are a lot of shows with hot babes that would kill more grey cells than alcohol (Nash Bridges comes to mind).

    • i agree on your review of the show. i don’t really watch it but the kids do when they’re here on the weekend (SVOD). i tune it out but look over at the screen now and then for eye candy…

      Al K Hall

  4. WOOT to the 69 for ITSB!! That rocks! Hope the 69 did, too. 😉

    It’s meant to be a hot picture, but there is this overly logical part of my brain that goes, “That’s imPOSSible” and thinks that it must be maple syrup in the bottle instead of Beam. There is just no way that could work, and I would even try it just to prove how stupid it really is, lol.

    I don’t know why I can suspend my disbelief so well on some things and not at all with others. I felt the same way when Ellen Page as Bliss in “Whip It” (the movie I currently love-hate) swam in the pool during her sexy scene and opened her eyes underwater. There was this big deal in the movie about her needing contact lenses. There is no way she could have opened her eyes underwater with contacts in, and there was no opportunity in that scene for her to take them out. It was just SO unrealistic, it was annoying!

    I feel the same way here, lol.

    What would be cooler is watching a vid of someone trying this for reals, with real Beam and not colored syrup. Then I could see it AND believe it!

  5. There is that name again. I have to find out if the movie actress is the same cutie that has been popping up in commercials for Cisco products that tout its connective technologies. The girl in those commercials to waaay to sweet,cute and nonplussed in those commercials.

    • Wynter!

      Thanks for stopping by the Bar None and taking the time to leave a comment. Come on in, have a seat, but your feet on the table and what can i get you to drink?

      Everyone misses Kyle XY, the only thing left to do is drown our sorrozs.

      Thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

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