Porn Song Writing & Alcohol

So, tonight Miss Demeanor and i went downstairs to a neighbors and i drank sparkling raspberry wine while Miss Demeanor sang the erotic lyrics i penned to a techno song the neighbor wrote so that when the porn star Carla Nova comes to record the single on Saturday, she’ll have an outline of how the song is supposed to sound. Yes, my life really is this twisted.

What does this have to do with alcohol? What indeed…

i drank a bottle of raspberry sparkling wine, for one.

Then i had a double Chivas:

Plus, here are part of the lyrics i wrote:

I feel so wicked
My love is liquid
I’m so damn bottled up
(Slide inside tonight)
Come open me up
And from my lips suck
Nectar. Let’s throttle it up.

See where i was goin’ with that?

Finally, here are some shots of Carla Nova. Is she really coming this Saturday or is this one of those projects that dies belly up at the last minute? Time will tell and i’ll keep you posted.