A Drunk Post For Two People (Yes, This Means NOT YOU)

For the 1500 people who will read this blog: i’m drunk and this drunk post is dedicated to two people. InTheSameBoat and DayAfterTheHangover..

There is no partial nudity in this post.  No pictures of semi-naked stars. If you’re here for that, please look somewhere else.

It’s Friday night and i drank a bottle of red at lunch, 5 Heinekens after work and a bottle of red when i got home. i’m drunk and, out of the 1500 page reads i receive a day, i want to address two of the people who matter (not including Miss Demeanor and Ken, who are examples of the reason i write to begin with).

1: InTheSameBoat

i love ITSB because he’s on the wagon and he still hangs out here. He’s kinda my hero because he’s stopped drinking and, not only is he happy, but he can still hang out with drinkers. AND BE COOL. He doesn’t judge and he doesn’t hide who he is either. What makes him a God is that he can give his advice without preaching.

2: DayAfterTheHangover

Is the opposite. She’s still drinking and she feels the same guilt i do after a binge. Sh’s too timid to post responses here but she leaves me private messages about her thoughts and feelings. She’s real and so clear and this blog needs people as sincere as her.

3: Why i’m Writing This

Drunk as i am, i’m writing this blog to salute these two  readers because they’re why i write this blog. Everyone is welcome in The Bar None, but the good seats are saved for people who feel what i have to say. Yes, it’s partially my fault. The majority of my page reads come from single-handed surfers looking for chicks, kicks and nip slips. i posted those pictures and i included those tabs. i had a choice and i chose to go that way. It’s not your fault.

But despite my nature, there are people who push me to be better than i am. i want this blog to be a place where drinkers and non-drinkers alike come together to share their thoughts.

i’ve found two of them. Please God help me find the rest.

16 thoughts on “A Drunk Post For Two People (Yes, This Means NOT YOU)

  1. You know when you go into your favorite bar to unwind afer “a day” at the office and the fellow from the end of the bar who had a good start long before you came in saddles up next to you and decides to unload his life story (but that’s ok cuz he turns out to have lived an interesting life) and he ordered another bottle long after you’ve switched to scotch and soda without the scotch and you raise an eyebrow, but don’t say anything because he holds his liquor well and everybody is having a good time and when he’s reached the end of his paycheck and knows its time to go home and realises he’s bent your ear for the good part of the night and waants to show his appreciation for your attention so he leans over and floods your nostrils with the taste of his gin while he says “I love ya man”? Yeah, this blog was kinda like that.

    I don’t know your mind, but could guess that you openned this bar because you like to have a good time and be around people having a good time. The success of this bar shows that you are good at showing people a good time. We can unwind at let the day go or if our troubles won’t drown away, like a good barkeep, we can bend your ear counting on your complete disgression.

    and Al, we love ya man

  2. i thought it was a given that HOT bi girls who come here for the nip slips always get the good seats.

    i guess i’ll have to prove that with a post, including TONS of photos.

    YOU, ‘Shell, are one of the real reasons i’m here…

    Al K Hall

  3. Al, that was nice. Yes, I’m figuring the key to hanging out with drinkers when not drinking is not to preach. If you do that, they don’t care if you drink or not and you can still have fun.

    More pics of aussie chicks please.

    Rock on!

    • i’m glad you appreciated the props, brother.

      The reason i posted the post was not because you don’t preach, but because you DO preach, but you do it in a totally cool way. You ‘preach’ in the tone of someone who has/been/was/is an alkie and is happier. You speak in the tone of someone who’s basically saying, “I’m a drinker like you and I’m happier now because I don’t drink but y’all are free to chose your own path. But still, I chose my own path and I’m happier not drinking.” The best way to lead is by example and your example of not drinking makes sobriety look COOL instead of a burden.

      Stay sober and happy, brother,

      Al K Hall

  4. I am an alkie. I loved alcohol like a 2 year old likes taking a piss in his diaper. It gave me a warm feeling. But at some point I got disgusted with the behavior and stopped.

    And frankly, I am happier now that I quit drinking (and pissing in my diaper). For something that is supposed to be a cheap instant gratification, it can leave a mess. After drinking for 25 years, at various levels of alcoholism, the past 77 days of sobriety have been a vacation for me. Really, it is a relief.

    Getting past the first 30 days or so was a pisser, but after that, it gets easier. The trick is to follow a few simple rules: exercise, eat well, and find something that you enjoy to fill the time you used to spend drinking. That’s about 90% of it. The other 10% is coping with urges and situations where drinking seems natural. And that requires some tricks. I’ll share some if you’re interested.


    • Know what? The whole 90%-10% thing there is really true, I am finding, in regards to my not eating sugar/yeast/gluten/dairy (etc. I have more food sensitivities, too, but it just starts getting pointless to write about. What I eat is limited and pathetically redundant, lol, but I am also grateful that I *can* eat. I have been trying to keep it in perspective) and quitting smoking, too.

      Al, you have seen me in those 10% situations, and know sometimes I whine and cry about it, but you have really helped me out there, too. I think having someone around who is supportive is really helpful. 🙂

      “For something that is supposed to be a cheap instant gratification, it can leave a mess.” No shit. Speaking for myself here.

      This is good to read, too: ” After drinking for 25 years, at various levels of alcoholism, the past 77 days of sobriety have been a vacation for me. Really, it is a relief.”

      Most of all, it is just good to know and see that it is *possible.* That someone can set it all aside and live to tell the tale. I know I feel that way sometimes about not eating what other people eat, not drinking alcohol, for the most part (I am able to tipple a thimbleful here and there, just for the taste, but I have learned that I have to have less than a glass or I am in that place where I don’t know how to say “no” to more. And then I become sick on top of all of it. It’s pretty much easier to just not have it at all…), and not smoking. Especially here in Yeah-man where people are lighting up all over the place! Oy. *whine*

      Whether Al is interested in your tricks or not, I know *I* am, so leave a couple in comments!!

  5. The tricks I use come from SMART recovery. Here’s a youtube video outlining it:

    It’s funny; I just realized the guy in this video was at my first SMART meeting. He’s the one the told me to quit for at least 30 days. “It takes at least 30 days to break a habit; it takes at least 90 days to break an addiction.” Then he disappeared.

    Here’s the website:


    And here’s a blog of a guy who is going through SMART recovery, which I found very inspiring:


    The first trick is to identify the irrational beliefs that you have that cause you to engage in self-destructive behavior. Here’s one: “People expect me to drink so I have to.” It took me quite a while to realize how crazy that belief really was but once I did, I felt emancipated.

    Here’s another I’ve seen others harbor: “My only two choices are drinking or AA and I can’t handle AA, so I’ll drink.”

    • Oh, thank you for the links! I am off to watch the vid as soon as I finish here. Yeah, this is really true: “The first trick is to identify the irrational beliefs that you have that cause you to engage in self-destructive behavior.”

      I have done something similar using the ideas in something called TAT (it’s kind of Woo Woo stuff — however really at its core it is non-religious, and all about identifying and restructuring beliefs: http://www.tatlife.com/).

      “My only two choices are drinking or AA and I can’t handle AA, so I’ll drink.” Heh heh!! That’s a funny one, but very true, too — I have heard that one from people.

      Thanks for the info and I am off to check it out now!

    • Oh heeeeeyyyy, right off the bat with watching the vid — I really like the way the program recognizes self-empowerment, not powerlessness. I really think that to say one is powerless with an addiction is an irrational belief, lol!!

      That’s cool…

    • Hey John,

      Thanks for the link. There were some great shots. The only fly in the gin was how they find pictures on the net (i’ve already seen many of these from different sources) and appropriate them as their own by stamping them. Sure, i’ve been known to borrow my share of photos, but when i do, i don’t slap “The Bar None” on them when i share them here.

      But i digress. i really do appreciate your coming by and sharing things that you think the patronizers here might be interested in. Very cool. Keep up the good work, ’cause god knows i’m too lazy to.

      Thanks for patronizing me, brother,

      Al K Hall

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