Guinness Will Save Your Life

Here's A Poster Foreshadowing Wismond

Here i am trying to barrel through my post-partyin’ depression with a scoop.

A ragga shot from the juiced-box should help: Delly Ranks & Chino – Redbull and Guinness

[Press ‘Play’ to Ragga out]

Many news sources reported yesterday that Wismond Exantus, a 24-year-old Haitian cashier in a hotel convenience store, survived 11 days buried under the rubble of the Hotel Napoli. His secret to survival? Within arm’s reach of where he lay was a stash of cola, junk food and…Guinness. i know your average news outlets are only peddling ‘beer’, but i have it on good authority (a television news broadcast here in Yemen) that the beer of choice was Guinness.

Here then, is my tribute to this nectar of the Irish Gods.

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4 thoughts on “Guinness Will Save Your Life

  1. One of the saddest things for me about being gluten-intolerant and (almost) totally T is the loss of the beloved Guinness stout. I did like me some Guinness! *sigh*

    Here’s an imaginary toast to Wismond Exantus and his remarkable survival! And here’s one for Guinness, too, for making it possible.

    Live long and prosper, Wismond Exantus!!

    • No more Star Trek for you, Babe!

      Tell you what, though, i’ll drink a toast to the day they find medicine that will cure gluten intolerance…how’s that?

      Love love love,

      Al K Hall

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