Tons Of Famous People Know Me! A Shout Out To Erin McGrane

Looks like my Up In The Air review has really taken off…

Two hot actresses both came by and gave me props on the post! The first was Meagan Flynn, who i put on a pedestal in the Silken Butterfly’s section of the review. She’s the young lady who plays the flight attendant that says “Cancer? Cancer? Can, sir?” to George.

i’ve been in contact with her and she’s generously allowed me to interview her, on the provision i’m sober enough not to screw it up; which, knowing me as y’all do, isn’t a given…

And then…then…i’m too embarrassed to continue this without a drink…

i missed one.

i even mentioned her in my notes. Unfortunately the word “neighbor” i’d scrawled in the darkened movie theater meant nothing to me when i got back home and i, Al K Hall, neglected to include another Silken Butterfly. To make matters worse, she found me out. If you check the Comments section to the Booze Revooze linked above, you’ll find the following comment:

Hi, Erin McGrane here…I played George’s former love interest and neighbor, Dianne in UITA. Where’s the love? :) Just kidding – great blog – i’ll be back for more!

Erin McGrane


Ms McGrane, mea cuppa (which is latin for “i need a drink”).

i have since rectified this gross oversight and added some of her photos to the post, where they belong, and i plan to grovel pretty disgustingly for an interview from her as well.

Meagan and Erin Are the Hot Brunettes

The photo is from the Emmy winning web series Unreal Housewives Of Kansas City, and both Meagan Flynn and Erin McGrane are stars. You can click on the link or the photo to check out the website.

But i hear ya clamoring at the doors to The Bar None. “Al!” you’re goin’. “Al! Two svelte women does not a ton of famous people make! It’s downright insulting and how can you say tons of famous people know you in the title to this post and there’s just two?”

Ah, but you’re forgetting Kelly Bertha. Kelly Bertha, the young lady with the gorgeous blue eyes who got fired right at the beginning of Up In The Air. i’ve interviewed her and just need to type up the final draft and get her approval.

Keep your ass glued to your stools, i’ll be serving that one up soon.