Another Famous Person Knows Me! My Exclusive Interview With Kelly Bertha

Kelly Bertha Means Business

[The song, a favorite of Kelly’s, ┬áis Sad Brad Smith’s “Help Yourself”, from the soundtrack and the juiced box.]

In his latest movie, Up In The Air director Jason Reitman made a good decision. Rather than hiring actors to play the recently unemployed, Reitman chose to recruit the recently laid off to re-live the moment the hatchet fell. (This link has a great interview with him that talks about what i’m talking about.) One of these grass roots ‘actresses’ is Kelly Bertha.

Since beginning Booze Revooze, i’ve enjoyed writing about “Silken Butterflies”: those little known actresses that stand out for me, despite the brevity of their flitting appearances across the screen. In my notes to Up In The Air, i scribbled “1st unemployed girl, blue eyed f*ck” because the first woman shown being laid off has these blue eyes that wars have been won over and she uses the ‘F’ word in a totally appropriate situation.

While looking for pictures of her on the web, i came across her contact info and asked her for an exclusive interview, to which she graciously obliged.

What follows is the e-mail interview i conducted with her about her experiences.