Yet Another Famous Person Let Me Interview Her! My Exclusive Chat With Meagan Flynn

From the juiced-box and one of Meagan’s favorites (dedicated to her & Emily, the hotel barmaid from St Louis): Dave Matthews Band – Bartender

Ok, so y’all know how i’m the International Functional Alcoholic Slurperson, right? Well, one of my duties is to find gorgeous, talented young ladies and drag them into The Bar None and publicly ask them tons of questions. Living up to my promise, today i give you Meagan Flynn, the beautiful actress who won an Emmy for the web series unReal Housewives of Kansas City and recently starred in Up In The Air as a flight attendant (the cute one who says “Can, sir?” so it sounds like “Cancer” and brings Clooney the congratulatory glass of champagne when he hits 10,000,000 miles).

Meagan stumbled on my Booze Revooze, claimed to LOVE it and so i invited her to do this interview so i could get richer and famouser than i already am. Here then, is that exclusive interview.

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