A Famous GUY Let Me Interview Him! Booze Talkin’ With Kevin Renick

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The Coolest Guy i’ve Never Met

From the juiced-box (and a song i even paid (a buck!) for): Kevin Renick – Close To Something Beautiful

[Press ‘Play’ to be serenaded]

Y’all remember i posted a Booze Revooze of Up In The Air, right? Well, at the end of the review i talked about Kevin Renick, an unemployed guy who decided to turn his misfortune into a sign by devoting his life full-time to his dream of being a singer/songwriter. He gave a cassette tape of the song “Up In The Air” to director Jason Reitman, who included the song as it was originally recorded at the end credits of the movie.

Not only did Kevin not yell at me for stealing the song and posting it in the end credits of my review, he even linked this Diary-a Of A Chronicle Drinker on his website: http://www.kevinrenick.com/. How cool is that! So, obviously, i hit him up for an interview, to which he graciously obliged, and what follows is one hell of an interview (if i don’t screw it up!). He is a genuinely cool guy and i’ve had a great time hanging out with him in The Bar None.

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