Obrigado! [Thank You To A Drunken Portuguese]

Just a little shout out while i wait for Erin to approve my interview…

i noticed today that someone who is WordPressed posted a kind of summary of my Booze Revoozes on his page. It’s in Portuguese, so go there forewarned, but i wanted to share my appreciation. Thank You, Escasso, demasiado escasso (that’s “Scarce, too scarce” to you and me).

While i’m on the┬ásubject, i’d like to thank the following people who, over the last couple weeks, have been kind enough to include me on their blogrolls…

  1. RA64Freddy: i’ve been getting regular hits off this blog that specializes in cars. If you care, i’m listed under “drinking.” in the blogroll. Thanks, Freddy!
  2. An Alcoholic’s Daily Struggle: This is an alcoholic who is learning to moderate his drinking. Stop by and encourage “iamanalcoholic”. Thanks for the add, babe!
  3. The She Chronicles (A Blog for the Alcoholic & Bipolar Minds): “Bats” is a non-practicing alcoholic who also suffers from bi-polar disorder. Thanks for including me on your blogroll, Bats.
  4. Dayafterthehangover’s Blog: While she doesn’t have a blogroll to to include me on, “My Sweetest Hangover” (my nick for her) stops by regularly and has mentioned The Bar None in her blog. Thanks for the props, Hangover.