Obrigado! [Thank You To A Drunken Portuguese]

Just a little shout out while i wait for Erin to approve my interview…

i noticed today that someone who is WordPressed posted a kind of summary of my Booze Revoozes on his page. It’s in Portuguese, so go there forewarned, but i wanted to share my appreciation. Thank You, Escasso, demasiado escasso (that’s “Scarce, too scarce” to you and me).

While i’m on the subject, i’d like to thank the following people who, over the last couple weeks, have been kind enough to include me on their blogrolls…

  1. RA64Freddy: i’ve been getting regular hits off this blog that specializes in cars. If you care, i’m listed under “drinking.” in the blogroll. Thanks, Freddy!
  2. An Alcoholic’s Daily Struggle: This is an alcoholic who is learning to moderate his drinking. Stop by and encourage “iamanalcoholic”. Thanks for the add, babe!
  3. The She Chronicles (A Blog for the Alcoholic & Bipolar Minds): “Bats” is a non-practicing alcoholic who also suffers from bi-polar disorder. Thanks for including me on your blogroll, Bats.
  4. Dayafterthehangover’s Blog: While she doesn’t have a blogroll to to include me on, “My Sweetest Hangover” (my nick for her) stops by regularly and has mentioned The Bar None in her blog. Thanks for the props, Hangover.

4 thoughts on “Obrigado! [Thank You To A Drunken Portuguese]

  1. I’m glad you have these connections pimping your blog, dearest! 🙂 It’s nice to have friends in the blogosphere.

  2. Hey no problem..I think your blog is awesome!!
    I like to indulge in a drink or two; you give me inspiration!
    LOL..Thanks again!

    • No problem, brother.

      Like i said, i get at least one hit a day from your site so i owe you at least one on the house. As for inspiration, inspiring people to drink is what i do best!

      Keep up the good work, brother, and thanks for patronizing me,

      Al K Hall

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