AA (Al’s Anthology) Waiting Room Reading Material

While i finish up my interview with a Silken Butterfly from Shutter Island as well as Booze Revooze for An Education, Nine and A Single Man, please stop by a brother’s blog…

Jabba Da Butt is a patron here at The Bar None and is doing his best (and better than i ever could) to quit drinking for a spell. Would you do a Tender Bartender a favor and stop by his blog and give him some love and encouragement? He’s at: http://jabbadabutt.wordpress.com/

Y’all are the best,

Al K Hall

12 thoughts on “AA (Al’s Anthology) Waiting Room Reading Material

  1. Did it. It’s a great blog and I’m glad he’s writing it. I am glad for all the commenters here. It is a lot more fun with other people writing more, too. 🙂

    • i saw what you commented, my Angel, and i GOT it.

      i thank you for visiting the blogs as sincere as JabbaDaButts and for supporting this blog by doing it.

      See you later tonight,

      Al K Hall

  2. i don’t know if it makes you feel any better but i failed miserably last night as well. i drank a couple bottles of wine and four beers and went to the angry place and got in a fight with Miss Demeanor and ended up sleeping on the sofa. i also posted an angry blog that i took down right after. Anyway, the ambiance here in Yeman is fairly tense as well, so i share your pain.

    Al K Hall

      • “We need to pick ourselves right back up and try again.”

        Exactly. And it is not like drinking is the only way to screw up nor that drinkers are the only ones who do, either. Dust off, both of you & know that while it is not okay, it is also *very* okay. I hope that makes sense. It’s just walking that thin line of non-condemnation with non-condoning. 🙂

        Love to you both. Keep trying. Each time you mess up is also a lesson learned in how not to the next time. It’s the best anyone can do to continue to learn in a process of how to manage life better, eh?

      • You bet. 🙂

        I have one more thing to say about it, too — it is because you DO keep trying that it is possible for me to be here and be loving you. Your efforts to handle this in your life are not for naught. I see that it is a process and you are trying and learning to see what works best, and you have made great strides in self-understanding. So while it is not always easy to have patience, at the same time, I do try to hold on to patience, knowing you are doing the work of at least trying to figure it out. If things worsened a lot or if you quit trying, then I might have to re-think stuff, but the facts are that you are getting better and you are still making efforts. So things are working. Just so you know.

        Be patient with yourself, too, okay? That doesn’t mean be lazy, lol, but yeah, be patient.

        Miss D

      • You’re definitely not alone. i’ve started picking myself up today (3 days sober) so we’ll just have to hang in there because it’s gonna get better day by day.

        Thanks for patronizing me,

        Al K Hall

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