Avril Lavigne Is My Pet Sin

From the juiced-box. Avril Lavigne’s version of “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”.

i have a confession for y’all. i like Avril Lavigne. Hell, i even like the version of “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” i posted. Even worse, the only reason i listen to her music, am generous in my critiques and forgiving of her talent to the point of being unfair is because she’s super hot. An ingénue, as Miss Demeanor says. i’m all about waifs and ingénues, babes.

Fortunately, there is one aspect of her i don’t need to defend: Girl knows how to party. Even better: Girl gets into other girls when she gets her drink on. Here’s the 200 proof…

Click On The Shot For Bar None Wallpaper

The rest of this post is more 200 proof shots that she likes the drink. It’s all shots for the eyes from here on out, babes, don’t feel the need read.

Scroll Down To See Her New-Found Maturity

"Get away, Al! You big, scary drunk, you."

"Are you sure this is what boobs are for? OK, maybe I'll try just this once."

"Hell yeah, I swallow! Par-ty Par-ty Par-ty. Go Al! Go Al! Go Al!"

[AlKHallism: If you’re interested in seeing flaming shots of her sober, there are some on my Dregs Of The Weeks: March 22 – April 5 post.]

[More AlKHallism: For those of you kind, desperate and kind of desperate enough to frieend me on Facebook, there’s a bonus video of our little Avril drunk.]