The Booze Talkin’: My Exclusive Interview With KATRENA ROCHELL

[AlKHallism: All photos link either to Katrena’s IMDB page or her resumé.]

From the juiced-box and one of Katrena’s favorite bands: The Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire

Remember how just a couple days ago i Booze Revoozed Kick-Ass? i was all witty and stuff, talking about how Kick-Ass did, right? Well, one of the kick-assest things about the flick was most definitely Katrena Rochell, this drop-dead gorgeous brunette who plays the role of “Rita The Junkie” with gusto.

As y’all know, women this attractive and talented usually avoid me like something you gotta go to a clinic to get taken care of but, like vodka after the lights go out, i took a shot in the dark and got a hold of Katrena. Hold on to your bar stools, ’cause Kat showed just how heavy her mettle is by going where precious few have gone before: into the maw of the Bar None for an interview. Jesus, i don’t think i’ve been this nervous since i tried to buy a bottle of Boone’s Farm with a bad fake ID for my junior prom.

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