Drink Mating: My Heart Is Thirsty

Here’s the freakin’ idea of the Century. Internet dating through empties. You buy a bottle of cheap wine (which is called “Soif de Coeur”, or “Thirsty Heart” in French) and drink at least ¾s of it to find a secret code inside, at the bottom of the back label.

The Code Is The Smudge At The Bottom Of The Back Label

After you’re sufficiently buzzed, you try to decipher the illegible scrawl through the warped glass. Think of it as a drunk test. Then you surf onto the A Thirst For Romance website, where another drunk test awaits ’cause you have to enter your code.

After that, you have to do things like remember your name and birthdate. And what language you speak (which is trickier than it seems, as “drunk” isn’t one of the options).

Then, all you do is sit back and wait for someone who also drinks cheap wine and looks for romance in the bottom of empty bottles.

As you can see, my soul mate is on his/her way. i just hope he/she isn’t driving to get here.

i’ll keep you posted.

[AlKHallism: Just in case you’re wondering, Miss Demeanor is fully aware of this experiment and does not feel threatened by anything the dregs of the net could throw up at me.]