We Are All “In The Same Boat”

From the juiced-box and dedicated to In The Same Boat, a guy who’s seen my True Colors: Cyndi Lauper – True Colors

i have a good friend…

No, seriously! Is that so hard to believe!? His nic is “In The Same Boat” and we met through a mutual drinker’s blog. i’ve always liked ITSB because he was a hardcore drinker and now he’s quit completely and he gives SOLID advice for those who are interested in quitting. He’s like the Internet’s International AA sponsor. What’s impresses me most about him is that he can give advice to those who need it In The Words That They Understand.

He left a comment on one of my posts about how he didn’t give a rat’s ass about what i’d written but wanted to know where he could deposit photos like the one above. So i posted it.

And i’m calling him out. The Internet and, more importantly, The Bar None needs him and his brand of honesty. So i’ve sent him a request to be a contributor on this blog. He can post this kind of picture, comments, he can call me out on my shit and he can talk to us drinkers about the shit we need to hear.

Will he pick up the gauntlet? Put up or shut up?

Boat, my Brother, now you can influence what happens here! The Bar None needs you!

And far all you peeps readin’, be a friend, write a comment in his support.