Here’s My Pointless…

Haven’t posted in a while so just wanted to lift my head up off the table and let you know i’m just hanging low and not passed out dead, drowned in the puddle of beer here.

i don’t really have anything to say, though. The problem is i’m not motivated to write a movie review of When You’re Strange and i don’t feel like doing another dregs. i don’t have the energy to be witty and i’m tired of counting hits. Every time i have an idea for something to write and the words start to dribble out, i become faced with the same issue: What’s the point?

i’ve been down, drinking on and off (off for the last couple of days), broker than broke, quit smoking (too expensive) and everywhere i look i see that question. What’s the point?

See, the thing i keep forgetting is that i built this bar from nothing (hence the Bar None) just so i could have a place to go where there didn’t have to be a point.

Tomorrow i’mma make a huge effort to be pointless. Swear to god. Until then, here’s me on Monday with a client (i’m the one that looks like a young David Hasselhoff). He works at Pernod-Ricard and we decided to have our meeting in the company bar.

And here’s what we┬áimbibed┬áin…