Al K Hall Is Dry

Bulletin from The Bar None: After yesterday’s binge (and today’s hangover), i’ve realized i can’t afford to keep drinking. Can’t afford to on a financial level, spiritual level, mental level and relationship level…

The Bar None will still be open for business as unusual, with the added bonus that you get to hear about my struggles with staying dry, but not high.  Wish me luck…

21 thoughts on “Al K Hall Is Dry

  1. I know this will probably be the hardest thing you will ever do and if there is any way I can mak it easier fr you, I’m there for you brother.

    • Ken! My brother!

      So far so good, but i’ll let you know if i need you to shoot me in the head or something, later.

      Thanks for patronizing me and getting my back, Brother!

      Al K Hall

  2. Glad to see you jumping ship! There’s life after alcohol, my friend. After 9 days of withdrawal, you’ll start feeling great. I promise. I never want to go back to that nightmare.

    • Yeah, i’m not sure i’ll be feeling great with all the shit i got goin’ on in my life right now. Alls i need is to try and keep my head above water and those bottles of extra baggage were sure weighing me down. i’m not asking for easier, just for not so damn hard. Glad you’re around to give me the benefit of your experiences, brother!

      Al K Hall

      • Quitting drinking doesn’t make your other problems go away, but it does make them a lot clearer. And looking at problems with a clear head is a much better way to solve them (or alleviate) them in the long term.

        Just ride out the first 9 days. It will get better.

      • Hanging on during those first 9 days…tomorrow’s the first big challenge: lunch with clients and a bottle of wine waiting for me when i get there.

      • Ok. You’re gonna need an excuse for this one. No need to pour your heart out to your clients. My advice: Lie. Tell them as the bottle is being opened that you’re on some medication for a few days that can’t be mixed with alcohol. Don’t go into the details — nobody should be prying into your medical history.

        Then, as best you can, go into ‘observer mode.’ Count how much they drink. Watch as their demeanor changes. View it with the objectivity of a scientist. You can be funny sober, Al.

      • Sounds like a plan! Thanks for the advice, Brother. i’ll pour a glass of water first thing when i sit down and the lying tack sounds like the best one to take.

        Al K Hall

        PS Sure i’m funny sober, but looks aren’t everything…

    • Cool. The important thing is: if they’re expecting you to drink, make a personal statement before the topic of your not drinking comes up. “Sorry guys, can’t imbibe today, doctor gave me some meds” and before they can respond, ask one of the guys a question (e.g., “how’s your wife?”) so the topic is deflected.

  3. Hey brother, that’s awesome news!!! I hope you succeed in your quest to stay dry!!!

    I’ll have a drink to your success!!

    Oh, yeah, probably shouldn’t rub it in. Sorry bout that. I’ll ask the wife to whip me later on tonight, just for that.

    best of luck brother

    • Hey Rodney!

      1) Drink
      2) Get the missus to whip you
      3) Get more booze
      4) Then rub it in…

      Thanks for patronizing me, brother,

      Al K Hall

  4. I’m in your corner, I’m on your side, and whatever I can do to help you out, I am here.

    Miss D

    • “I walk these streets, a loaded 6-string on my back / I play for keeps, because I might not make it back / I’ve been everywhere, still I’m standing tall / I’ve seen a million bottles, and i drank them all.”

      —JBJ (Al K Hall)

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